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Alice Jane Emanuel

Alice J E Hart runs, publishing articles about business analysis, specialized writing, editing, and information design. Alice provides business analysis, documentation, and training solutions for technology, science, and business in the Netherlands, and throughout Europe.

Are you thinking smart?

Your engineers and specialist staff are trained to develop the products that generate your revenue. That’s the best use of their time.

Do you rely on them to create your company’s documentation? Your company’s publications?

That’s not thinking smart.

Don’t use a Ferrari to plow a field.

Free up your engineers’ and corporate specialists’ valuable time for revenue-generating activity and core activity.

Let Comma Theory provide on-time, on-budget documentation and publishing solutions that work for you.


Think Smart

Comma Theory knows everything there is to know about documentation and publishing:

  • Proposals, reports, annual reports, project briefs.
  • Manuals, installation guides, API and SDK guides.
  • Online help, Web help, online knowledge bases.
  • Web sites, e-commerce solutions.
  • Newsletters, e-newsletters.
  • Native-language writing and editing.
  • Graphic design, information design, interface design.

We’ve won awards for our work. Wouldn’t you like our work to win awards for you?

Why should you care?

Think about fewer calls to technical support.

Think about your valuable engineers and specialist staff focusing on revenue-generating work instead of work they never trained for.

Think about satisfied clients coming back for more.

Think about your business’s bottom line.

Short term and long term, Comma Theory can save you more money than the cost of our service alone.

Now you’re thinking smart.

Think Other Services

  • Technical Training—Your products for your clients, or new products and procedures for your staff. We custome deliver professional training where you want, when you want it.
  • Marketing Solutions—Industry-targeted articles profiling your company; marketing material and PR.

Comma Theory provides what you need when you need it.

Think Great Rates

What are you waiting for? We’ll provide a first consultation and an estimate for any project, large or small, free of charge.

Think Real World

We know how so you don’t have to.

That’s communication for the real world.

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