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A basic study of the specialised writing and editing industry in the Netherlands

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To find out more about the specialised writing and editing industry in the Netherlands, and about the effect that the European Union is having on the industry, I conducted a basic study in which I approached three Netherlands-located specialised writing and editing societies: EASE, SENSE, and STIC. EASE is the European Association of Scientific Editors, with about 7.5% of its members in the Netherlands (its presidency, however, is in the Netherlands). SENSE is the Society of English Native-Speaking Editors, with strong editing and translating components to its membership. STIC is the Studiekring voor Technische Informatie en Communicatie, the Dutch technical information and communication society. SENSE and STIC are based in the Netherlands and contain a majority of Netherlands-located members. In each case, I contacted the society leadership and asked to interview a member of the leadership. [Read more →]

April 4, 2008  

Technical communication contracting in Europe

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After a particularly vicious downturn from mid-2001 through the end of 2002, the market in Europe seems to be improving. Diverse regions and industries are holding steady or even showing a bit of upswing. Alice Jane Emanuel, Director of Comma Theory, a communications company in Amsterdam, spoke to recruiters to find tips for contractors to improve their business right now. [Read more →]

November 16, 2005