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Peer review

Measuring quality — The talk

This is the talk I gave with the webinar I delivered on Tuesday 22 March 2011, Measuring the Quality of your Documentation.

If you would like to have the accompanying slides and quality-measurement tool, download them here.

Factory man being efficient

Getting things done

Wherever you work, whether it’s in a calmly organized editorial group, alone facing down deadlines in a home office, or running from project to project like a blue-assed fly, you would like to know how you stack up, how you are doing.

But you don’t have time to stop and look around. You have deliverables. You need to have things move along so that you get things done. The result of getting things done, of course, is product. And product can be measured. [Read more →]

March 24, 2011  

The Awards Event in Amsterdam, 5 February 2005

yellow tulips

Another Competition Done and Dusted

The 2004 edition of the Trans-European Technical Communications Competition completed smoothly once again last December under the capable guidance of this year’s Competition Manager, Jennifer O Neill. The results were collated, the entrants advised. All that remained was the awards supper held in a European city as an opportunity to meet in a social setting, reward ourselves for work well done, and distribute awards. [Read more →]

February 21, 2005