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The Amsterdam LIG in Gelderland

On a recent Sunday, members of the Amsterdam LIG drove down to Ede, in the charming Dutch province of Gelderland. There we tucked in to a long lunch with a group of editors, writers, and translators. The talk was lively and ranged over the health of the Dutch authoring industry, linguistics, grammar, and the special challenges presented when producing work in a non-native-speaking environment where many of our Dutch colleagues are confident that their knowledge of English grammar and phrasing is better than ours. It was decided that the industry seems lately to be thriving, and that some of the best ways of looking at English from a fresh angle come when a non-native speaker insists on a point of grammar or phrase that we might not agree with. It is a valuable skill to be able to defend your authoring choices based on research rather than hearsay, and to prove the professional worth of the professional author, technical or otherwise. After lunch we took a long walk in the Veluwe forest despite the usual persistent rain. All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity for the Amsterdam LIG to expand contacts and talk shop, even though we all got a bit soggy.