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The Amsterdam LIG looks artfully towards the Trans-EU competition

This year’s trans-European technical publications competition is currently underway without a single Dutch entry. Come on, Holland!

The competition awards event is in Paris at the beginning of February. It is scheduled to coincide gracefully with the France chapter’s annual conference. We’ll be there!

The Amsterdam LIG is a very pleasant network of writers, editors, and graphic designers. We meet ad hoc, usually monthly. Our last meeting was to attend Museum Night on 4 November 2006 in Amsterdam. Forty museums opened their doors until 2 am with special events, a carnival atmosphere on the streets, and art lovers of all ages thronging. Blessed with good weather and a bright full moon, we bicycled to several venues and soaked up a lot of autumnal atmosphere. I don’t think we talked much about technical communication. But we benefited from it everywhere we went with excellent instructions, research pamphlets, and sign posts.